Friday, November 27, 2009

The Animals Summer 1966 American Tour

(Thanks to new information, I have updated and expanded this post)

We have written extensively on the touring history of the second incarnation of The Animals, the psychedelic outfit known as Eric Burdon and The Animals. The Animals had been a very successful "British Invasion" style band, but Burdon remade the group into an inventive Fillmore style band. This decision came from his frustration at the limitations on the original Animals, and a trip that Burdon made to San Francisco around August 1966.

A thoughtful correspondent has sent us the dates of the last American tour of the original Animals. The band had already decided to break up in May 1966, but they agreed to do a contracted American tour. They shared a bill with Herman's Hermits, and each stop probably included several local bands. The Animals probably played 20 or 30 minute sets, and only Burdon's vocals would have gone through the house PA, with the band's guitar amps provided the only other amplification. While that sort of sound system could work in a nightclub, it had to sound pretty tinny in a big civic auditorium.

Herman's Hermits/Animals US Tour, July 1966 (h/t Joe Mc for the list)

July 1  Honolulu HI           HIC Arena
July 2  San Jose CA        Civic Auditorium
July 3  Los Angeles CA    Sports Arena
July 6  Denver CO            Bear Stadium, Denver University
July 7  Lubbock TX           Coliseum
July 9  Salt Lake City UT   Lagoon Terrace Ballroom
July 10 Minneapolis MN    Auditorium Convention Hall (afternoon show)
     Kansas City MO   Memorial Auditorium (evening show)
July 12 Sioux Falls SD      unknown (afternoon show)
     Des Moines IA      Veterans Memorial Auditorium (evening show)
July 13  Lincoln NE           Pershing Auditorium
July 14  Tulsa OK             Assembly Center
July 15  Little Rock AR     War Memorial Stadium


  1. Bruno Ceriotti points out another historical fact from this tour:

    July 4, 1966: in a day off from the tour the band entered the "T.T.G.Studios" in Los Angeles to recorded with Tom Wilson as producer, Frank Zappa as arranger and Ami Hadani as engineer, two songs titled: "The Other Side Of This
    Life" (maybe with Zappa on bass?) and "All Night Long" (maybe with Zappa on guitar and/or bass?) with the help of four local sessionmen: William Roberts(guitar), Lawrence “Larry” Knetchel (organ), Carol Kaye (guitar) and John
    Guerin (drums). Both tracks were released in their US album "Animalism"(November 21, 1966) and the only song "The Other Side Of This Life" is also released as single by Eric Burdon & The Animals: "The Other Side of This Life /
    It's All Meat" (August 21, 1967).

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