Sunday, July 26, 2009

October-December 1968 Jefferson Airplane Performance List (Airplane X)

As a result of my research into other areas of Rock Prosopography, I have ended up with a fairly detailed list of Jefferson Airplane performances from 1965-69. Since I have no other plans for it, I am posting it here. This list leans heavily on the posted Jefferson Airpane set lists document by Scott Abbott, as well as information from Jeff Tamarkin’s fine book Got A Revolution, but it includes considerably more shows. Please forward any changes, updates, advice or criticism.

The previous installments listed known shows from Jefferson Airplane’s formation through 1965 and 1966. The first post in the sequence is here. This post covers known shows from October through December 1968.

October 3, 1968 [venue], New York, NY
Jefferson Airplane Whitney Museum Benefit

October 6, 1968 [venue], Clarkson College, Potsdam, NY
Jefferson Airplane

October 24-25-26, 1968 Fillmore West, San Francisco
Jefferson Airplane/Ballet Afro-Haiti/A.B. Skhy

November 9, 1968 [venue], Long Beach State, Long Beach
Jefferson Airplane/Spirit/Chicago Transit Authority/Collectors/others

Probably an outdoor show, since it started at noon.

November 16, 1968 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
Jefferson Airplane

November 19, 1968 [Manhattan Hotel], New York, NY
Jefferson Airplane

The Airplane attempted a rooftop concert atop a 9-story hotel, but they created a nuisance and were shut down by the police.

[the article above is an AP wire article from the November 20, 1969 edition of the Salina (KS) Journal]

November ?, 1968 [venue], Cleveland, OH
Jefferson Airplane

November 24, 1968 Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI (two shows)
Jefferson Airplane/The Frost

November 28-29-30, 1968 Fillmore East
Jefferson Airplane/Buddy Guy/Chuck Davis Dance Co.

Jack Casady temporarily joins Country Joe and The Fish for a few dates in December ’68 and January ‘69, filling in for the ill Mark Ryan.

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  1. Missed gig.....

    November 22, 1968: Aragon Ballroom, 1106 Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL with Blue Cheer, Creedence Clearwater Revival

  2. I was at the PG&E, Airplane concert in Cleveland. November 23, 1968, Allen Theater.