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January-April 1968 Jefferson Airplane Performance List (Airplane VIII)

As a result of my research into other areas of Rock Prosopography, I have ended up with a fairly detailed list of Jefferson Airplane performances from 1965-69. Since I have no other plans for it, I am posting it here. This list leans heavily on the posted Jefferson Airpane set lists document by Scott Abbott, as well as information from Jeff Tamarkin’s fine book Got A Revolution, but it includes considerably more shows. Please forward any changes, updates, advice or criticism.

The previous installments listed known shows from Jefferson Airplane’s formation through 1965 and 1966. The first post in the sequence is here. This post covers known shows from January through April 1968.

January 30-February 1, 1968 The Matrix, San Francisco
Jefferson Airplane

February 23-24, 1968 Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
Jefferson Airplane/Charlie Musselwhite/The Ceyleib People/Clear Light

March 8-9, 1968 MelodyLand Theater, Anaheim
Jefferson Airplane and Friends (2 shows)

The ‘friends’ were the Grateful Dead.

March 15-16-17, 1968 Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco
Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead

March 22-23, 1968 The Kaleidoscope, Hollywood
Jefferson Airplane/Canned Heat/Fever Tree

The Kaleidoscope was at 6230 Sunset, at Vine. It had formally been the Hullabaloo, and before that a television studio ("Queen For A Day" was shot there). It had a rotating stage, and was a small but unique venue. Canned Heat's management were the main promoters of the venue.

Buffalo Springfield were on the bill but canceled these two nights. Fever Tree replaced them, a band from Houston who would soon have a hit with “San Francisco Girls.”

March 24, 1968 The Kaleidoscope, Hollywood (afternoon)
Buffalo Springfield/Jefferson Airplane/Tiny Tim/H.P. Lovecraft/ Steppenwolf/ Sweetwater/Firesign Theatre/Clear Light/Quicksilver Messenger Service/Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Genesis
Benefit for Radio Strike fund for KMPX and KPPC djs

March 24, 1968 The Kaleidoscope, Hollywood (evening show)
Buffalo Springfield/Jefferson Airplane/Canned Heat

>March 26, 1968 MelodyLand Theater, Anaheim
Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead
This date shows up on Deadlists, but for various reasons I think it is confused with the March 8-9 booking of the same two bands at the same place.

March ?, 1968 Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
Jefferson Airplane

March 30, 1968 Bovard Auditorium, USC, Los Angeles
Jefferson Airplane/Iron Butterfly

April 27, 1968 North Dartmouth Park, Cambridge, MA “Spring Weekend”
Jefferson Airplane

April 28, 1968 Shapiro Athletic Center, Brandeis U. Waltham, MA (Two shows)
Jefferson Airplane/Iron Butterfly

The poster says “Also: from SF-Iron Butterfly.”

April 30, 1968 The Kaleidoscope, Hollywood
Jefferson Airplane/Canned Heat

There is some reason to doubt the Airplane's presence, as the band are more likely on the East Coast. The source of this date was a poster, and 60s posters were not always good representations of who actually played.

[The graphic is from the Bobbie Ashley's column in the March 10, 1968 Oxnard Press Courier]

For the next installment, see here.


  1. Another date:

    February 10, 1968 Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, UT
    Jefferson Airplane/Taj Mahal/War of Armageddon

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  3. New date:

    April 21, 1968: Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY with Iron Butterfly

  4. Are there any extant images of the poster you described for the Jefferson Airplane/Iron Butterfly performance at Brandeis U on 4/28/68?